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How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy is a serious topic for moms who just delivered a baby. Pregnancy puts on a lot of weight and to get back the fitness levels, Fitness expert Michele Warsa demonstrates exercises the new mother can do with and without her baby. She also provides tips on nutrition and how to keep the weight off.

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About the expert :
Michele Warsa has made whole-body fitness and life coaching her passion. She strongly believes that the daily pursuit of a fit body will give you the clarity of thought, energy, and discipline to take deliberate action in other areas of your life. Her 20 years of experience combined with contagious energy, acumen and a positive approach, blend together in finding personal well-being through fitness and mindful affirmations.

Michele has a Masters of Science degree in biology and organic chemistry. Her certifications are: Training with the Pregnant and Postpartum Client, ACE, ACSM, YogaFit, FitPilates, Johnny G Spin, Reebok Spin, Idea Fitness, AFAA, Burris LifeCoach and Idea Workshops.

Michele is a motivational speaker, group fitness instructor and personal trainer. A professional and a mother herself, she inspires other moms who have the postpartum body blues by showing them how to get their bodies back.

Her programs blend strength training with mindful meditative movements. This powerful combination succeeds in getting the new mom fit, beautiful, and most importantly, physically and mentally powerful.

Michele's workout includes the recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) for exercise during the pregnant and postpartum periods.

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